As one of Thai Oil Group vendor, the company is founded and chartered by IT professional staffs with oversea and local experiences from business enterprises, universities, and SME organizations. Along with best business practices, we have helped customers and business partners to implement and deliver high quality full-stack e-business solution using cutting edge technology.

Course 4 วัน

ASP .NET Core version 2.1

- for Business Solution -

Course 4 วัน


- iOS/Android -

Software House

At Hakio, We bake new software everyday. Our passion is to develop and deliver digital platforms for our customers with effordable price.

Coding Academy

Good Coach make good code. We can digitalize strong sofware development skill in your dna

Software House

Key Development Projects

  • Public Relation
  • Sale & Marketing
  • Production Management
  • Digital Transporation
  • Human Resource Management


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Course ASP .NET Core 2.1